Top 7 Cafe Fit Out Ideas

Cafés have come far beyond their early days, where the chief purpose was to serve coffee and pastries – nothing more, nothing less. Now, cafés are a hub of business and pleasure, beloved by hipsters, online freelancers, and bibliophiles who come for the atmosphere more than the coffee.

Whether you intend on renovating your existing café, or you’re fresh to the business and desire a strong first step that catches the locals’ attention, ensuring your café taps into this energy is key. If you are opening a restaurant or looking for restaurant branding, you can always contact our partners.

Check out these top 7 café fit out ideas to make yours a winner:

– Multi-Purpose Furniture is a Must

Cafés attract a broad variety of patrons, who expect to enjoy different things. Rather than limiting yourself to one breed of clientele, create a layout with multiple purposes in mind. For example, outfit it with chairs that have ample arm support for those busy remote workers, but that can also be reclined for those just hanging out with friends.

– Divided Areas for Divided Vibes

Customers who use your café as a remote internet office won’t enjoy being disturbed by lively nearby conversation. Similarly, who wants to relax with a good book in a work-work-work vibe? Fit out your café with divided sections, such as a separate floor for certain clientele, so they can benefit from an environment that suits their taste, and when they want a change of scenery? Simply wander to the other areas.

– Get the Hipsters – Rustic Equals Comfy

Hipsters love two things – cafés and the unconventional. Go for both with a rustic, unfinished look that uses open beams and iron staircases to its advantage. Not only is this eye catching and memorable, it creates a calming atmosphere that’s easy to relax in.

– Make It Friendly – Use an Open Kitchen Plan

By using an open plan for your kitchen, it makes customers feel more connected with your business. You’re not hiding out back there – instead, you’re easily accessible, transparent, and friendly, ready to help and excited to be there. That energy is infectious enough to return to with friends.

– Lots of Floral

If you’re not into rustic, the second most popular theme for successful cafés is florals. This creates a sense of life and peace, encouraging patrons to feel more energized and positive when visiting. Remote workers will feel at ease while completing their tasks, and an enjoyable morning coffee can be sipped in a welcoming environment.

– Mix Up the Colors

Bright colors create high energy – and as an added bonus, are more likely to inspire cravings. Use some trade secrets to boost the sale of your food and drink, but also provide your café with a fun, upbeat atmosphere that keeps the eye wandering and curious.

– Homey is In, So Go for the Living Room Style

The problem with most cafés is they’re tight and crowded, making them difficult to navigate and uncomfortable even once you find a table. Instead, design your café fit out similar to how you’d design a living room – with central tables surrounded by sofas, comfy chairs, and a few end tables.

While most businesses have to narrow down their target audience to the extreme, cafés offer an environment that welcomes all. The key is to outfit it with a design that sends the right signals to each of your clientele.