How to start a coffee shop

Coffee is a good business – if you look at the number of opportunity and the staggering competition. A lot goes behind a cup of coffee, same goes for a coffee shop. For most of us coffee bar is perhaps the third most liked place to relax outside home and work. It is crucial that you provide enriching customer experience and making it absolutely brilliant for customers return. So if you are considering coffee shop as business, read on the following important actions before you open the door.

Location – Coffee shops are high volume business. You would want to scout locations that can shelter bustling pedestrian and auto traffic. Think about area’s demographics – who will be your customer base? No matter where you are, your shop needs to be located in an area where its easy to find – especially in the morning!!

Menu- Keep it simple. Why to offer hundred mediocre items, when you can knock off everybody with a cool dozen? Most of the coffee shop owners makes a mistake by trying to anticipate and meet the whim of every potential customer which then leads to most confusing and unwieldy menus. Start with limited menu of basic offerings and add extras depending on the realistic demand identified over a period. Make sure you have a performing cafe pos system to process a lot of orders within a limited amount of time. Most of Australian coffee shop use Goldstein for their line of cooking equipment.

Brand- Its not just a logo, its your business name and identity. Its more than a sequence of words. Your brand and name should tell about your establishment. When you are thinking of branding, think about the branding process – start with a name and then envision an image that represents the name and then finally create a byline. Byline is a sentence or a series of words that describes who you are and what you stand for.

Café fit out – It takes a lot more than skillful shop fitter to accomplish this job – a perfect café fit out. For a successful café fit out, consider the need of your shop.

Imagine the traffic to your shop. How many customers will be within the shop and how many will take their orders out? If you decide to buy a coffee van for sale, this is a different story.

Choose cozy seating arrangement. The more comfortable your shop looks, more people will be attracted. Your coffee will sell if your café offers great atmosphere.

Advertising – Do you remember the Death Wish Coffee advert from SuperBowl 50? The 30 second commercial lead an increase of sale by 20x in the following weeks of Super bowl. You don’t need a Super bowl ad though to attract new customers. Ready to dive in?

Social Media is not new anymore. Be human and hold genuine and real conversations with your customer. Consistency is important. Keep your customer informed by posting content on social media.

Coffee shops also rely a lot on relationship they have with customer. Participating and sponsoring local events and community outreach exposes a coffee shop to earn new customers.

Customer Reviews- Review sites like Google and Yelp are not just for negative reviews. Barista Magazine Survey shows that these sites are most popular platform for customers to discover new shops.

There are a lot more marketing strategies and there is no particular tactic to say which one is best for you. It has to be a mix of strategies.

Owning a coffee shop is like owning your dream and in order to make a living out of it, you have to invest time and energy. You need to start honoring the personal space that coffee occupies in people’s lives. It is a daily ritual, one’s taste experience, a fuel for the day, social engagement. That’s a big responsibility!!!! Feel free to contact our local team such as our cafe fitouts Melbourne specialists.