Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Fridges & Freezers

We recommend the following commercial fridges:

  • Exquisite CTD78, Polar CD082 & Exquisite DC1000P.
  • For all the busy kitchens and large restaurants, you should buy a more reliable commercial fridges from premium brands such as Skope fridges.

There are many new brands selling quality cake display fridges including Exquisite & Skope. If your cafe or deli needs it, our partners will have it. Have a look through our quality cake display fridges, deli cabinets and buffet serveries. We have various configurations such as color, size and materials for each display fridge.

Commercial refrigeration is the essential component to a business running at its best. By choosing the right commercial chest freezer you can ensure your goods remain in good condition saving you both time and money. Make sure that your chest freezers can handle your local temperature.

Discover a range of curved glass, flat glass, sliding solid top and solid top chest freezers from major brands Bromic, Exquisite, ICS Pacific.