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More so, the design is a branding concept. This is a fact that we can all relate to. That is, we tend to love to go to certain restaurants just because we love its design. A 2014 study done in this regard confirmed the fact by revealing that the restaurant’s design is one of the crucial factors that drive customer satisfaction. However, be careful not to be lost in pleasing your customers and forget what design makes you happy. Perhaps it has been your dream to have a certain restaurant design, do not be afraid to blend this desire with other factors. Furthermore, having a design that you love will give you the motivation you need to work in the restaurant everyday.

Most importantly, when creating your commercial kitchen design, do not underestimate the place of professional interior design. Colors, furniture and accessories and lighting must be well blended with the exterior design among other factors.

3. Estimation

The third crucial step to go through before starting a restaurant is the estimation. Estimation is rather a technical aspect that will involve analysis of facts and the generation of figures. It is notably an essential aspect at the startup stage. One of the best ways to go about estimation is foremost to draw a business plan. The plan shall contain every item needed in the restaurant and also the expected returns from the business.

One of the features in the estimation should be the employees’ clause. Here, make specific of employees’ terms of employment including the number of staff required to run the restaurant. Notably, employees are legally liable for other benefits in addition to the salary. They include medical cover and in other cases pensions.

Another important feature in estimation must be the restaurant’s equipment. Specifically, cooking equipment requires careful consideration because they require a huge investment and also have the potential of altering the quality of food served. While making the hospitality equipment’ cost estimation, it is crucial to have regard to the wide range of brands and their varying prices. Perhaps, it would be prudent to do a thorough search of the prices before writing them down. Alternatively, consider the cost of hiring the catering equipment.

Food supplies will form a considerable part of the restaurant’s expenditure. Whereas, you are likely to source supplies locally, certain foods and drinks may prove difficult to get locally. Accordingly, when making the estimation have regard to expenses such as the shipping cost of various supplies. The premises clause is also a crucial factor in estimation. Where renting or leasing, make calculations for the money that will go into paying rent and also maintaining the premises. Where setting up the restaurant in a new place, the services of a quality surveyor will come in handy.

Another important aspect in estimation is the expected returns. This could be broken down to the expected daily returns for easier analysis. The estimation should also include the expected number of customers expected each day so to make reasonable profit.

4. Listing

In the current times, the importance of online presence for any business cannot be overstated. It is thus of business efficacy that every entrepreneur makes plans on listing at the startup stage. Whereas there are several platforms for listing of restaurants, listing by online restaurant directories proves the most advantageous. To start with, directory listings create the links to gain connections to other social media platforms and websites. Essentially, directory listings enable users list the website address for this purpose.

Secondly, listing your restaurant with online directories will boost visibility by the major search engine including Google. This is so because the online directories have a characteristic that makes them highly recognizable by search engines.

Thirdly, listing by online directories boosts the restaurant’s reputation because it places it in the community of other professional and well credible restaurants in the business. When looking for the ideal online directory, it is prudent to research on the platform’s database so to be sure that the kind of restaurants listed are of your niche. If in the business of special foods for instance, look for a directory that lists such restaurants. Such restaurants would include restaurants that serve food for persons of different allergies and health complications.

Further, ensure that the restaurant will appear will in the listings of local directories. Notably, there are several directories that are specific to a geographic area and a city. More so, make sure to provide valuable information on the . Such details must also be correct and consistent. Where the listing directory allows users provide information on their menu, make sure that you provide the best foods the menu has.

Another platform for listing your restaurant must be the Google Maps listing. The listing service provides one of the largest marketing platforms in the sense that Google is the most extensive brand in the moment. Other benefits for listing with Google Maps includes giving the restaurant the credibility that is required because people know and associate Google with professionalism and credibility. Fortunately, listing by this platform requires a few steps which include proving your identity. This is done in three ways. That is, by SMS, Phone or postcard. In addition, Google Maps listing service is simple to manage and free.

Most importantly, ensure that the listing is mobile friendly. It is not enough that users can access your restaurant by a quick mobile search, rather the experience on the site should be one that is worth customers returning to.

5. Completion stage

Once all the above steps have been met, the remaining stage is completion. Completion will involve several activities that include formulating the restaurant name. This may sound a trivial item and most persons will jump into using a name they always fancy or admire. Careful consideration of the business name is however essential as a name lies in the heart of the business brand. To help you come up with the ideal name, consider simplicity but also uniqueness. The last thing you want is to have to change the restaurant’s name a few months after you have begun operation because it is inappropriate. Such a move has the ability to cause confusion among your customers and undoubtedly reduce sales during such period.

One of the golden rules to achieve a successful completion is to come up with a checklist so to be cross check that everything is in order and all systems are ready. Ensure that the hiring process for employees is complete and that employees are ready to start work. Employees ought to have been contacted through an official means and confirmed their readiness to work.

Secondly, ensure that the premises is ready for use. Where leasing, all documents of lease and possession there of should be complete. Where building, pay a visit to the location so to ensure that the premises is ready. More so, do a personal check that all installations are working including water supply and lighting. You can read more tips for completion stage on our blog.

Also, ensure to make plans for the grand opening day. Have plans in place for advertising for the opening say through the business websites, giving friends pamphlets, Scheduling shows and interviews for your chefs on TV and radio. Consider hiring a professional public relations persons to write about the restaurant and use this information to reach the media. The details released to the media should include the restaurant’s services, opening hours and the menu. When making plans for the day, remember that it will be a day to display the restaurant. At this moment, plans should be in place to have visitors see the different sections of the restaurant. Different foods, for instance, should be given out for free or at discounted prices. Promote your new venture by also offering special events say free dinners.

Finally, ensure that you have all the legal documents that are requisite to legally run the restaurant. This may include local permits, business license, employer identification number and a few local permits. This factor will however vary considerably among jurisdictions. It is therefore necessary to consult the relevant authorities.

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